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Why Blow It ???

Blower-trucks install mulches and soils almost anywhere up to 200' from the parked truck, quickly and cost-effectively. Jobs that used to take days are now done in hours, when you have an impossible deadline. When sites are occupied, installation is scheduled to minimize inconvenience to residents and businesses. Uniform and precise application of mulches by our expert crews reduces waste and cost.

Properties look better, too. Products applied by blowing have a special finished look that makes your landscapes look terrific (check out our landscape pictures). No need to rake. Blower-trucks can "beautify" with just 1" of mulch to inexpensively spruce up properties.


Materials Northwest uses the highest quality materials. If you have a preference, we install the product you specify.

Use mulches and compost to create a particular look for your landscape.

  • Red or Black Bark are natural products from the forest. They control weeds without the use of herbicides, conserve water, moderate soil temperature and reduce erosion.
  • Soil Amendments restore depleted gardens and improve plant growth.
  • Trail Mix is a coarse bark mulch used for pathways or for areas requiring an inexpensive mulch.
  • Fresh Bark Mulch provides a uniform reddish - brown background that brightens the landscape and highlights plants.
  • Black Bark Mulch provides a brownish black backdrop that looks like a soil.
  • Yard Compost enriches beds and provides a brownish - black background for flowering bedding plants.


We estimate every job to give you the best possible price and then only charge for what we install. Occasionally our estimator determines that some other method of installation is more cost-effective. If so, we tell you.

Materials Northewest works to solve your problems, save your money and help you satisfy your clients. No job is too big or too small. Call anytime for a free estimate or more information.

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